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EarthMetrix Technologies Inc.

Developing Strategic Minerals for a Greener World!


High temperature materials, electrical ceramics and advanced new generation materials are just a few promising applications for…

R & D

The market for strategic industrial minerals is on the threshold of unprecedented growth. We are very enthusiastic to participate in…


Sillimanite, Microcline and Dolomite are a few of the strategic minerals – because non polluting and recyclable – with…

Experienced People!

EarthMetrix’ Team has been working in the technological field since 1987, and is active in the development of strategic industrial minerals since 2012. 


Our expertise in the discovery and development of strategic industrial mineral deposits distinguishes us. We have developed partnerships with firms, universities and governmental organizations specialized in industrial minerals processes.

Discovery and development of mineral deposits in Québec, Canada

Development of the Lac La Dame world class Sillimanite-Microcline deposit

Development of the Lac Aux Atocas Dolomite deposit

Development of partnerships

Active since 1987

A dynamic Team

Centered on innovation and growth

A Cutting Edge Company!