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Industrial Applications

Make the World a better Place!

High temperature materials, electrical ceramics and advanced new generation materials are just a few promising applications for the upcoming Green Economy Era.

Sillimanite applications

Sillimanite is a natural occurring mineral composed of Alumina (Al2O3) and Silica (SiO2). High grade deposits like our Lac La Dame project with more than 20% Sillimanite are rare. Major Sillimanite applications are:

  • Refractory materials for high temperature applications
  • Electrical ceramics for insulation
  • Concrete based materials
  • New generation ceramics

Microcline applications

Microcline is natural occurring mineral composed of Potassium (K),  Aluminum (Al), Silicon (Si) and Oxygen (O). Deposits with few impurities like our Lac La Dame project are rare. Microcline applications are:

  • Glass ingredient
  • Ceramics additive
  • Filler ingredient
  • Coating agents and glaze materials
  • Abrasive, Polymers, aggregate materials, etc.

Dolomite applications

Dolomite is a natural occurring mineral composed of Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca) and Carbonate (CO3). Deposits with few Iron (Fe) impurities like the Lac aux Atocas project are rare. Dolomite applications are:

  • Filler ingredient
  • Fluxing agent for the Glass industry
  • Ceramic ingredient
  • Rubber and Plastics industries (PVC and LDPE)
  • Additive for diverse Industries (Ink, Dying, Leather, etc.)
  • Ph stabilizer for agricultural applications

Illimited possibilities!

The upcoming era of the Green Economy will boost Demand for strategic industrial minerals!
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